Magical Order of the Seven Sacred Planets

by Breathing Flowers


Breathing Flowers is a Kansas City native McKinley Jones. He has contributed to a number of Expo '70 albums including the recent "Corridors to Infinity" album.

"Breathing Flowers leads us away from the clichés of the sweaty indie-folk mass through green fields, winding mountain paths and thick forests to a leafy and secluded grove where child-nymphs and faun frolic in the speckled sunlight by the lake, a pasty-faced magician casts runes under a white oak..." 8/10 -- Matthew O'Shannessy - Foxy Digitalis

Limited to 100 Cassettes
Limited CDr


released April 7, 2010



Sonic Meditations Kansas City, Missouri

Micro label curated by Justin Wright of Expo '70 releasing hand-picked releases in limited editions.

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